"Una Vida" or the mysterious power of music

Photo VIFF

Photo VIFF

With delicacy and hope, the director Richie Adams addressed in the film Una Vida: A Fable of Music and The Mind, selected at the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF), a company about heavy ̶ Alzheimer's - through the prism of power of music.

It is an evil that strikes without warning and makes people suffer little by little foreign to their own lives. Una Vida is one of them. Jazz singer, memory fades a little more each day, except when she sings accompanied by her guitarist, Stompleg. In the streets of New Orleans, their path crosses that of Dr. Alvaro Cruz, neuroscientist, Alzheimer's specialist, who himself lost his mother this terrible disease. Inspired by the book Una Vida: A Fable of Music and The Mind of Dr. Nicolas Bazan and adapted for the screen by director Richie Adams, the film is above all an ode to life, its characters and the city of New Orleans. "For me, the film is about people who help other human beings in distress, says Richie Adams. At the center of this particular context, there has Alzheimer's disease. The power of this story is based on these relationships, despite the socio-economic status and racial everyone: people who otherwise would not have met, are in this case connected to each other. »

The sounds and smells of New Orleans

For producing a film about a disease that still takes many gray areas and for which there is no 100% secure, is not simple. How then to not scare the viewer? By anchoring the characters in such a colorful place and alive than Louisiana. "I wanted to create a film that would primarily appeal to spectators, the audience attending the cinema, a work to which they can identify, insists Richie Adams ... I wanted so that all those who are not from Louisiana can get an idea of real life in New Orleans, "far from the stereotypes of some big Hollywood productions. This anchoring in a city is also one of the reasons for the selection of Una Vida VIFF. "When we watched the film, we found her deep attachment to place, in this case in New Orleans, said Alan Franey, program director of the festival. The story is powerful and has an original approach to music in New Orleans. It awakens the interest on Alzheimer's disease and the care of patients. »

A breath of life

Music, so closely linked to the history of this part of the southern United States, weaves the bond between the characters of the film and the viewer. It soothes and gives a smile. It injects new life to characters overdue. "I did not know this mysterious power of music on people with Alzheimer's disease, says Richie Adams. It really allows them to respond and meet, which otherwise would not be possible. »

Memories fade Una Vida except when she sings.  | Photo VIFF

Memories fade Una Vida except when she sings. | Photo VIFF

U na Vida: A Fable of Music and The Mind
Projections September 30 at 14.45 in the cinema International Village ,
October 3 at 19h at Vancity Theatre
and 6 October at 14:30 at the Vancity Theatre

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